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May 19, 2024

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Local Unemployment Rates Down

In September, the not seasonally adjusted unemployment rates saw a decline in 98 out of 100 counties in North Carolina. Four counties experienced an increase, while six maintained their previous rates.

Jackson County’s rate dropped to 3.3 percent, marking a 0.6 percent decrease from August and a 0.2 percent drop from September 2022. Employment in the county totaled 20,224, with 663 individuals reported as unemployed.

Conversely, Scotland County reported the highest unemployment rate at 5.6 percent, whereas Swain and Buncombe counties showcased the lowest rates at 2.5 percent each.

All 15 of the state’s metropolitan areas witnessed a decrease in unemployment rates. Rocky Mount recorded the highest rate at 4.5 percent, while Asheville boasted the lowest at 2.7 percent.

Meanwhile, the not seasonally adjusted statewide rate settled at 3.2 percent.

In comparison to the same period last year, not seasonally adjusted unemployment rates decreased in 90 counties, increased in four, and remained unchanged in six. Among the state’s metro areas, 14 areas experienced a decline in rates, with one area remaining unchanged.

Statewide, the number of employed workers (not seasonally adjusted) rose by 53,039 in September to reach 5,134,777, while the number of unemployed individuals decreased by 18,714 to 170,391. Since September 2022, the number of employed individuals has increased by 142,319, while the number of unemployed has decreased by 7,967.

It is important to consider that employment estimates are subject to significant seasonal patterns, emphasizing the significance of observing changes in not seasonally adjusted estimates over the year.

The next unemployment update is scheduled for November 17, where the statewide unemployment rate for October will be disclosed.

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